Spirulina Vegan and Dairy Ice Cream


Did you know that 1 kg of spirulina has the same nutrients found in about 1000 kg of assorted vegetables and fruits?


Ness spirulina ice cream is more than just ice-cream – this cup contains every nutrients for perfect health, all essential omega’s powerful antioxidant.


Ness Spirulina ice-cream is diabetic friendly; low fat and sugar free. Our ice-cream uses Health Promotion Board approved natural sweeteners (Xylitol and Maltitol) and Prebiotic Inulin.


The healthy ice-cream comes in four flavours: Spirulina Vegan, Spirulina Dairy, Spirulina Lite Vegan, Spirulina Lite Dairy


1 cup of Ness Spirulina ice cream provides a child’s nutrition needs for a day. You may now enjoy the nutrients and supplement in a fun way!


We are committed to bringing you the best quality.

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