Benefits On Your Beauty

Our skin and hair is a direct reflection of our inner health, and the body doesn’t provides nutrients to skin, hair and nails until AFTER they have been distributed to the rest of your body.


Spirulina extract improve skin conditions and provide long term skin benefits such as hydration, protection of the skin barrier function and oil control.


Extracts from Spirulina are rich sources of bioactive proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoid pigments such as astaxanthin. Applications include facial and body skin care (anti-aging, moisturizing, and regenerant products), shower gels, body lotions, sun screen cream, and hair-care products (Spolaore and others 2006). There are many extract rich in proteins from Spirulina, helping against first wrinkles and having skin tightening and stretch-mark repairing effects (Adarme-Vega and others 2012).


Spirulina extract stands out as a unique active ingredient for effective multifunctional dermocosmetic formulations for the care of young and mature skin.

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